There’s more to bookkeeping than meets the eye

The Sacramento Bee, Sunday, August 10, 2003

There’s more to bookkeeping than meets the eye

By Susan Silva

After receiving an AA degree in accounting at American River College and working for serveral years as a bookkeeper, Suzy McKinnon found herself employed by a local accounting firm and realizing that she could do a lot more for her career if she became certified.  So, she went ahead and as a result was given accounting duties for her company’s clients as well as full charge of the bookkeeping for the company.  She now feels she has a strong foothold in a career.  “I really learned a lot in studying for the certification exam, and when it came time to look for another job I was hired on the spot once they knew I was certified.”

The results of becoming certified were similar for Lynda Roper, who wanted to advance her position with an accounting firm and viewed certification as a good alternative to obtaining a four-year college degree, something she just didn’t have time for.  “Once I committed myself to doing it and maintaining the certification, I became more focused.  The knowledge and skills have really given me an edge.  I’ve been given more responsiblity and, of course, a significant salary increase.”

It’s the same for many who find that certification is followed by a raise and eventually a promotion or new job, either for the current employer or for a new one.  Many find their credibility and the respect they receive goes up considerable after certification.

Bookkeeping is one of the most widespread and essentail positions in modern business.