Paralegal Program

Paralegal Program

New England Business Educational Systems, Inc (NEBES) is a fully licensed educational institution. The Paralegal Certificate program is a course of study that focuses on the specific needs of the paralegal professional.  The advisory board to the Paralegal Certificate Program is made up of esteemed members of the Legal community.  There are lawyers, Judges, and Paralegal professionals from the public and private sectors serving on the paralegal program board.  Our program boasts high quality, experienced instructors.  NEBES has exemplary student services that are geared to the needs of the adult learner.  Our flagship benefit that focuses on our students is our 100% educational guarantee.  We stand alone in the industry with a commitment like this to our students.  Our facilities are high quality and enhance the learning experience.

Program Overview

Financial Administration

Master the fundamentals of office recordkeeping: basic bookkeeping techniques, calculating payroll, maintaining expense reports, and bank statements.  Upon completion of this course students will be able to effectively manage basic bookeeping tasks.  Includes instruction in Quickbooks.

Introduction to Legal Research and Writing

In this class, students will explore basic legal concepts and legal reasoning.  The students will also study the historical development of legal institutions, principals of common laws, and analysis of the legal systems including its strengths and weaknesses.  After completing this course, students will have a solid understanding of basic legal principles.

Real Estate and Business Law

In this class, students will explore how property is held, the district registry system, the acquisition of real property, leases of property, deeds, mortgages and easements, and real estate closing and recording of records.  This course will also explore business organization, articles of organization, minutes, bylaws, stocks, security regulations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and joint ventures, contracts, and bankruptcy.  After completing this course, students will have a solid background in real estate and business law.

Contracts and Family Law

In this class, students will explore the study of a paralegal’s role in family law practice.  This will include substantive law and procedures relating to divorce, community property, conservatorship, child support, with emphasis on the state family code, legal research and drafting projects.  Students will also study the elements and requirements of contracts and issues relating to the enforcement of contracts, the UCC, and business agreements.  After completing this course, students will have a solid background in contracts and family law.

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