Office Administration Program

Office Administration Program

Would you like to work in a professional business enviroment?  How about being the one that everyone goes to when they want to know the right way to do things?  Is it time to make a good salary and be well respected at work?  Let the faculty at New England Business Educational Systems help you reach the very top of the Administrative Office Management Profession.  You will master communication skills, computer skills, financial administration, general management skills, and master the ability to think like an executive.

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Program Overview

General Office Management

In this course students will master basic interaction with clients through personal contact, telecommunication, and email.  Students will effectively learn how to handle office mail, efficiently manage travel, and run office meetings.

Effective Business Writing

In this course students will master effective ways to communicate through written words.  Students will learn how to write professional emails, memos and correspondence.  Students will review the basics grammatical rules, as well as basic professional vocabulary and formating.

Technology and Office Administration

In this course students will master the many facets of the office technology.  Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Office, including Word, Power Point, and Excel.
Financial Administration

In this course students will master the basic fundamentals of record keeping for an office.  The students will learn basic bookkeeping techniques including calculating payroll and maintaining expense reports and bank statements.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to effectively maintain basic bookkeeping tasks.  Includes instruction in Quickbooks.

Office Management Administration

In this course students will master the basic principals of management.  Students will also be given an overview of human resource strategies, including interviewing, training, and evaluating employees.  Upon completion of this course students will have a general understanding of management principals along with general human resource management.

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