Cost Analysis

Lets the numbers talk.

Did you know that the medium salary for a bookkeeper with 0 to 2 years of experience according to is $38,000 dollars?

Did you know that this works out to about $18.50 per hour based on a forty hour work week?

Did you know that bookkeepers who work independently for businesses can charge between $25 to $60 dollars an hour for their services?

Working in the accounting industry also provides you with a stable job situation with great benefits.  Accounting jobs are always in demand all throughout the United States.  Think about it, what does every company need that is in operations throughout the world, a record keeper or accountant.

This new title you will have earned will give you the edge when it comes to applying for new jobs.  There are very few certified bookkeepers in the New England area.  Your resume will go to the top when applying for new accounting positions.  Should you decide to open your own business, you will be distinguished from your competition and have an easier time attracting quality clients.

Cost Analysis. 

Should you decide to apply for financial aid the average cost of the monthly payments pay back over a 10 year period will run about $75 dollars a month.  This could be slightly higher based on poor credit or slightly lower based on good credit.

Let’s say that currently you are earning $14 dollars an hour.  You have completed our bookkeeping program successfully and apply for an accounting position. You are hired and are now earning around $18.50 an hour.  Your increased income equals an additional $780 a month in salary.  This means when you subtract out the monthly decrease for financial aid, you would be taking home an extra $705 a month.  This does not take into consideration any side jobs you may be doing for local businesses as well.