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About Us


Professor Russ Bedard

Russ Bedard is an accomplished and much sought after college professor teaching in the concentrations of accounting, finance, and economics. This combination of subject areas makes him a valuable asset to any learning institution. Students of all ages often say that professor Bedard is in fact the very best teacher they ever had. His teaching proficiency is based on his academic achievement combined with his extensive real life experience. He is a very well rounded business professional with a long history of success. Seasoned in businesses of all sizes, he is one of our area’s top educators. Professor Bedard has held senior management positions in Fortune Fifty organizations and also has an extensive entrepreneurial background. His vast experience base gives him the ability to teach from a very practical platform. Professor Bedard knows how the text material relates to the business world and how it is applied in the work place. He is well educated and is an excellent communicator. Professor Bedard is also one of our area’s most motivating and encouraging educators; he believes in the power of learning. His students enjoy a lifetime of success as a result of his impact on their lives.

Russ enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. Professor Bedard is also a very big sports fan following the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and yes, the Boston Celtics. He is also a very committed guitarist and plays bass in a professional band, cutting C.D.’s and touring the country playing upbeat positive music.

All of this helps Professor Bedard to bring balance, academic firepower, and real life experience to the classroom. Don’t miss your chance to study under this accomplished teaching professional.


New England Business Educational Systems offers unprecedented support while you are in our program. We have tutors available during the day should you be struggling with a subject area. In addition to our 100% educational guarantee, we will give continued support while in the program towards career development. Inside and outside the class room we will work tirelessly with our students to find out which areas of employment or business ownership they are best suited for. We will help our students attain these goals not only while in the program but also after they have graduated.  NEBES will continue to support graduates with career counseling, resume building, job placement, and client development.  At NEBES, we are serious about seeing your education transition into success after graduation.


Each program consists of courses designed to maximize real learning through simulation and innovative features such as practical hands on assignments, real life case studies, and solid assessment system of student progress.  Students will learn new career or business skill in as little as three months.  Professional Certification commands a high level of respect in the business community.  This respect translates to higher salaries and bigger business profits along with job security and stability.


New England Business Educational Systems is breaking all the standards when it comes to higher education. Our institution offers a 100% educational guarantee.  We understand that as adults you will be committed to putting forth an exceptional commitment in effort for each program. Given your commitment, should you not pass an exam we will allow you to retake part or all of the class that you struggled with for FREE. Should you not pass the exam again, you can retake the class as many times as needed until you are successful in passing the exam. At NEBES, we are committed to seeing you reach your goals.

Quality Education

NEBES is state licensed to ensure that all clients receive the best in quality education.  In addition, all students are eligible for financial aid.


With the years of experience the instructors and directors of NEBES have combined with our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, New England Business Educational Systems is uniquely positioned to create learning solutions that consistently meet or exceed client expectations.

Take the next step in building your future; call us at 800-974-0041email us, or sign up for one of these powerful certification online today.