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In today’s society people need to continually improve themselves in order to be successful in their business and professional lives.

NEBES offers several programs focused on giving people what they need to run far ahead of the pack.  You will develop new skills quickly and apply what you have learned immediately.

Current Programs 
National Certified Bookkeeping
Paralegal Program
Office Administration

Advanced Bookkeeping


Each program consists of courses designed to maximize real learning through simulation and innovative features such as practical hands on assignments, real life case studies, and solid assessment system of student progress. [More…]

New England Business Educational Systems, Inc. (NEBES) is a school that is dedicated to providing quality and practical business education.  NEBES was founded by college professors who wanted to change the way adult education was administered (owners historyschool license information).

NEBES focuses on professional certification programs relevant for today. We believe that education is power and we respect your commitment to the educational process. We teach our courses based on what the business environment requires.

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The program has been a pleasure to complete.  The BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATION has helped me reach my career goals! ” Former Student.
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New England Business Educational Systems offers unprecedented support while you are in our program. We have tutors available during the day should you be struggling with a subject area. [More…]